The Highest Quality and Most Beautiful Metal Roofing In Texas

Grande Tile by CLASSIC®

Few roofs evoke such emotion as barrel tile roofs

Whether the setting is historic, contemporary, or ancient – Mediterranean, Tropic, Desert, or even Savannah, tile roofs provide distinction to highlight buildings and provide memorable charm. GrandeTile provides this look along with the proven and popular benefits of metal roofing.

GrandeTile is Energy Efficient

GrandeTile’s industry-leading PVDF coating technology includes reflective pigments for energy efficiency. Our proprietary hI-R coating reflects radiant heat, keeping buildings naturally cooler. Homeowners report energy savings up to 20% and more, thanks to reduced air conditioning loads. GrandeTile’s unique design also includes an integral air gap as a thermal break, further helping to prevent warm weather heat transfer into your home and attic.

The Grandeur of Tile… without the weight

Tile roofing can weigh as much as 2000 pounds per 100 square feet. Even “low weight” tiles far exceed 500 pounds. Fiberglass shingles weigh from 274 to 450 pounds. This weight places strain on your home and poses significant cave-in threat in the event of an interior fire. GrandeTile weighs less than 75 pounds per square!

At Classic, we know that today’s homeowners want to make their homes reflect their personal sense of style. They are also thinking about the long-term for their homes, looking for building materials that will last, add value, and save energy. GrandeTile does all of these things.