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Composition Roofs

Composition Roof installation

Your roofing not only shelters you from rain and radiation, but also enhances the visual appeal of your property. As with the rest of your home’s exterior, the roof is a vital part and should be given careful consideration. Smart property owners know it is crucial to invest appropriately on the roof. If you opt for composition roofing materials, there are still important details to understand.


Composition roofing is one of the most common roofing methods currently in use.

As the name “composition roofing” suggests, these roofs are covered with a special type of shingle that is composed of several materials. These materials include polyester, fiberglass, recycled paper, wood, and plastic. Layered together with other materials, then bonded with laminates or resins, the materials form a composite product. The materials are compressed and blended together to create the optimal protection for your property. Composition roofing can protect your home for quite a long time – especially if the installation is handled by a highly skilled crew.

With composition roofing, there can also be problems. One of the most common troubles for Texas property owners is algae build-up. Excess moisture on the roof can help algae grow. This algae build-up not only ruins the beauty of the roof, but also obstructs apposite water flow, which in turn causes damming. In short, it accelerates the degradation of the roof.

To eliminate the algae problem, the right installation techniques must be used. Our installers have an amazing record of experience in the composite roof sector. These installation experts will use the techniques that keep your roof as dry as possible, stopping algae build-up before it even starts. When it comes to preventing problems such as moisture and algae build-up, our crews are among the smartest in the business.

Roof and Roof Colors

Composition roofing comes in diverse colors and designs, providing you with a wide selection of visual appearances for your home. In addition, your choice can affect your comfort and energy consumption. Light-colored composition roofs minimize heat absorption, helping keep the home cool in warm regions; dark-colored roofing can increase heat absorption, helping you keep your home warmer during cold seasons.

Our teams are happy to consult with you on other tips for choosing the best design or color. We want ensure you get the best roof for your home and we have the knowledge that will help you select the best design for your property.


At Metal Roofing Experts, we install composition roofing, as well as metal roofing and other materials. We serve property owners for residential and commercial installations and we are dedication to delivering high quality services that satisfy your unique roofing needs. Our highly skilled crews insist on a level of workmanship that gives incredible results. They’ll provide you with a roof that will both endure the tests of time and withstand the extremes of Texas weather.

Quality roofing is a valuable investment for you – so we give you our unwavering commitment to offer the pinnacle of roofing services.