The Highest Quality and Most Beautiful Metal Roofing In Texas

Scott Schafer

“I put a HURRICANE Shake metal roof on my own home”


I’ve always enjoyed sales, but roofing is something I never had much interest in, until I put a HURRICANE Shake metal roof from Metal Roofing Experts on my own house.
This decision was, for me, an easy one since I had been through hail storms and the hassle of having a new roof installed in the past.  When I learned about the benefits of incredible durability, energy savings and lower insurance premiums, I decided it was time to “Set it and Forget it.”  And needless to say, I love the compliments from people who walk or bicycle through my neighborhood.

This past April, my area was hit with a pretty bad hail storm, and I am happy to report that my roof passed the test with flying colors!  While the sound of “THUD THUD” in a hail storm used to cause my blood pressure to go up, now I enjoy the sound of hail bouncing off my roof, knowing that the 26-gauge core metal panels are getting the job done.

If you are in north Texas and would like to see firsthand how beautiful a HURRICANE Shake metal roof is, you are welcome to come by and have a look.  Just send me a message and I will text you my address. The bottom line is, I like my roof so much I decided to help show others how they can get a virtually maintenance-free roof without breaking the bank!

Scott Schafer

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