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Professional expertise in metal roofing for the residents of North Texas

Expert Representatives

At Metal Roofing Experts, each representative is an expert. Our select team of representatives have all met our requirement of 10 years’ experience in the industry. This standard ensures that our representatives are fluent with all types of roofing and installation requirements. For any question you have, they are able to give clear, thorough answers.

Expert Crews

Likewise, our crew has extensive experience, with all the skill and competencies that come with installing 1,000+ roofs. We devote that expertise to your project—starting strong and finishing with pride. From the careful details of coordinating an infrared moisture survey on a flat roof to the final sweep-down across an entire warehouse floor, we have hands-on experience with nearly every aspect of the roofing trade.

Expert Adjusters

Our team also includes licensed insurance adjusters. We have dealt with the pressure and resistance that some insurance agencies seem to allow. You have heard the war stories. For this homeowner, the insurance company denied a claim even though there was visible damage. For another family, the insurance agent said they could only offer a partial payment. For a third resident, the adjuster overlooked damage or ignored problems that were exposed during the replacement process.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Having an insurance agent call the shots on your roofing project is not the level of service we give. Instead we have studied the materials, taken the exams, and gained the expertise. We can speak the language that insurance companies understand, translating for you to ensure your settlement covers everything that needs attention. We specialize in complex claims, giving you an edge when dealing with your insurance provider.

A Family of Expertise

Our commitment is to provide the best possible outcome for you and your family. In fact, we want you to feel like a part of our family. This shows in our A+ rating with the BBB and in our reputation for honesty and integrity. Instead of just completing the job and driving away, we take pride in making sure you have a great experience while we implement the ideal roofing solution.

If you are a homeowner and have questions about damage to your roof, feel free to call us.

We believe in giving due respect to every person who contacts us. Instead of a sales pitch, we will give you our honest opinion about the best and safest route for you to take. Our approach is to provide you with valuable information and competitive pricing, enabling you to make the best long-term decision.