HURRICANE® Metal Shake By TEK® Industries

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For severe weather regions, HURRICANE® Metal Shake is the perfect solution. It has additional fasteners per panel, and each fastener designed with higher corrosion-resistance coating. Hurricane Shake has a 2-pound density foam insert option cut from a CNC hot wire machine. HURRICANE® Metal Shake passed with the highest rating for both uplift and impact testing.

Top Benefits

1. Highly reflective to the radiant heat.
2. Foam Insulation inserts for increased R-value and walkability.
2. Will self ventilate using built in 3/8″ air space.
3. Super strong solid steel 26 gauge core.
4. Corrosion resistant aluminum zinc coating.
5. Rock coated exterior for superior weather resistance.
6. CAT-5 Wind resistance.
7. Can withstand baseball size hail.

CAT5 Uplift Resistance


The HURRICANE® Metal Shake withstood winds rated at 220 miles per hour.


Class 4 Impact Resistance


The sample tested met the performance requirements set forth in the referenced test procedures for a Class 4.